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A unique software suite

Phast possesses a unique expertise in financial risk management, which enables us to offer a suite built around specific modules addressing “real world” quantitative and methodological issues faced by investment banks and asset managers. 

In a nutshell, we provide Portfolio Hedging Advisory, Strategy and Techniques embedded in an innovative software suite which is able to deal with market risk, credit risk and counterparty credit risk, through the whole chain of application, from input data management to key performance indicators settings and monitoring.



Phast Risk Suite© has been developed with a view to facilitate the implementation and the effective use of impact studies into the risk assessment process. Our suite is therefore the outcome of our careful application, at each step the developement cycle, of two buildingblocks :

  • a regulation-oriented state of mind, spurred towards the computation of customized impact studies and reportings in line with current and growing-concern requirements
  • a deep support of innovative technologies ensuring optimized runtimes, scalability and comparability in the management of your data


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